My subject preference is usually landscape. I have always enjoyed rural areas and I’m continually drawn to open spaces and vast horizons. I particularly enjoy watching skies and weather systems, and they feature strongly in my work. Land elements are often small, merely acting as an anchor points to give a sense of scale. Sometimes I drop the horizon altogether so I guess they should be called a ‘skyscapes” rather than landscapes. I like to paint the edges of urban life, land meeting water, and human figures rarely appear in my work, only indications of their existence.

The areas I paint I know well and return to frequently to walk, observe and immerse myself in what I see. I live in and amongst these places and views. This familiarity and immersion allows me to feel connected and involved allowing me to paint with feeling and conviction, being in the landscape is essential.

Ultimately it is the changes of light and atmospheric conditions and mood I really favour and try to capture in my work, and skies seem to have become my signature theme. Living on the coast provides me with unlimited opportunity to observe the wild skies and turbulent climate of tropical North QLD.

Lou was born in Tanzania, East Africa where she lived for a number of years before returning to England. She grew up in rural Staffordshire, graduated with a degree from Leeds University in Art, Design & Technology, pursued a career in design and advertising before travelling extensively and eventually settling in Australia, FNQ.